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Bar menu ( Please note on selected warm Saturday and Sundays we run a BBQ menu instead of this garden menu )

Eating outside-you need to know your garden table number before ordering
& paying at the bar
SANDWICHES ~ fresh baked bread with crisps + garnish ~ white or granary__                
egg mayo + cress (v)            5.50            prawn cocktail            6.50
cheese + tomato (v)             5.50            tuna mayo                  6.25
ham + mustard                     5.50            sausage + onion         5.50
chicken mayo + crispy bacon            6.50             bacon (cold + crispy), lettuce, tomato             6.50
JACKET POTATOES served with salad garnish - 50p per extra choice                       
cheese (v)            6.00            tuna mayo            6.25
beans (v)              5.50            prawns in a marie rose sauce            6.50
egg mayo + cress ( v)            5.50            chicken mayo + crispy bacon            6.50                       
RUSTIC RIVERSIDE PLOUGHMAN’s ________________________________
served with apple, celery, pickled onion, gherkins, pickle + chutney, olives,  coleslaw
and a choice of one of the following: strong mature cheddar, brie, cut whole stilton,
carved ham, smooth paté, smoked salmon or prawns.  £1.00 per extra choice            8.95
RUSTIC ROLL SIZZLERS 6.95 with pot of chips (see board for today’s choice)
BAR LUNCHES/SNACKS                                               
goat’s cheese tart with caramelised onion + salad (v)                         6.95
olives with aged balsamic vinegar, olive oil & rustic bread (v)               4.95
Chris de Burger ~ our 6oz exclusive 100% beef burger with salad,        8.95
potato skins & coleslaw.  Add cheese for £1.50
jumbo American hot dog ~ with chilli or onions                                   6.95
scampi, chips + peas or salad                                                             8.95
homemade soup of the day with crusty bread (v)                                3.95
CHILDREN’S MENU                                               
pasta + tomato sauce (v)                                     4.50
breaded 100% cod fish fingers OR mini pork sausages OR chicken nuggets,
served with chips + beans or peas                        4.50
children’s novelty ice cream: Nelly (vanilla), Quacky (choc), Fricky (strawberry)            2.75
SIDE ORDERS                                               
chips                         2.50            garlic bread                                 2.25
cheesy chips              3.50            garlic bread with cheese               2.75
salad bowl                 3.50            potato skins with cheese              3.50           
At  busy  times  there  may  be  a  wait  as  all  our  food  is  cooked  to  order


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